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Type online games into any search engine and you will extract billions of listing to play free games online at the touch of a button or tap of a screen. The Internet is now the home to everything, and numbers show and prove you can play just about anything you want to and discover a whole lot more thereafter. Here we just talk briefly about what you can find by playing online and what different forms of gameplay existing across the Internet that can be free to play and some that will even allow you to play and win real money in return!

Digitalized Gaming

When I researched into online games, the variety is staggering. Strategy games, simulation games, action games, board and card games, sports games, skill games, racing games, multiplayer games and then there are casino games. The list is frankly incredible, but this list does not define the actual content you get within each section. The diversity of games is jaw-dropping and as an example, for a simple game of chess alone, there are possible over 500 different games of chess, though principally the same, they are made by different developers with different styles embedded into them.

Through such simple means, hours of gaming can take place through a simple online search and let us not forget that there are hundreds of these games which appear in app stores for iOS and Android mobile systems.

Gaming for Money

As many players over the age of 18 will know, there are opportunities to play games online where you can play to win real money. This is the gambling sector of gaming where you will be faced with thousands of different opportunities to play and win.

Online gambling is huge and made more so with the mergence of sports betting. Of the online casino games you have thousands of slot machines to play, Roulette games, Blackjack, Poker, Craps, Sic Bo, Baccarat, Bingo, Scratch Cards and Lottery amongst the many possible ways of winning real money from real online casino games.

Online Multiplayer Games

The fastest growing sector in online games is that of console play, often referred to as eSports gaming. This is primarily tournament gaming through gaming consoles that pit players against each other to win a pooled prize. There are many of these happening everyday as players login, load up and register for a change to take their skill onto the world stage.

Online gaming of this sort has been around for over 10-years now. At its rudimentary beginnings, it was a simple case of being able to play against friends through your online connection, then the platforms opened up allowing you to pick opponents from across the world just to compete in a simple game. Now, it is become an industry to itself, bigger games, more players and now real prizes and infamy should you be so lucky to out-master and out-class the opposition. Just look at COD and FIFA, the two largest games continuously back to back for over a decade.

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